Make a Book with Jessi!

Read a book, make a book, take a book home!  Make and decorate your own book with Jessi on Thursday, July 24th at 1p.m.  LibraryPockets


Local Art Show on Display for July

Don’t worry if you missed the opening reception for our local art show; the exhibit will stay up for the month of July and is dedicated to the memory of Anne Parham-Brown, Howard Weeks and Gloria Pearl, fellow artists who shared their unique visions and love of art with us last summer.  The show was organized by Ellen Chase and the reception was thanks to Cindy Hendrick.

Mariposa Museum – The Story of Chocolate

Join us Thursday, July 10 at 1pm for The Story of Chocolate as presented by Peterborough’s Mariposa Museum.

Explore the Story of Chocolate with a new program celebrating the opening in July of the Mariposa Museum’s “World of Chocolate” exhibition!  Examine a living cacao tree, enjoy a Mayan legend about the theft of chocolate from paradise, and take part in a chocolate-making demonstration.  While we wait for our home-made chocolate to temper (or crystallize), younger children can create a paper craft illustrating the origins of their favorite chocolate treat, and parents and older kids are invited to learn where the cacao tree grows, how the beans are processed, and what the “organic” and “fair-trade” designations mean in the world of cocoa.  Everyone will have an opportunity to taste raw cocoa nibs, imagine whether or not they would have enjoyed the original Mayan or Aztec drink, and sample a modern version of Mexican spiced hot chocolate.  Kids will leave knowing that chocolate really does grow on trees!

Thursday, July 3rd at 1p.m. Swimmy and the Swimmer -PuppeTree

#1 New Postcard Swimmy

Vermont’s PuppeTree brings to the stage a stunning new production of Leo Lionni’s classic children’s book Swimmy. This fully authorized multimedia production blends shadow puppets, animation and projections performed by the PuppeTree’s founder Ann Legunn.  A visual and musical treat Swimmy features a classical music score that draws us into the undersea world and introduces children to lyrical work of Debussy.  Continue reading

Summer Reading Clubs for Kids

Join our self-paced reading club this summer to earn weekly incentives.

 Sign up for the Summer Reading Program – anytime June 25-July 5
 Set a personal summer reading goal
 Young readers: report your reading success for weekly prizes
 3rd-8th grade readers: report your reading to be entered into weekly raffles

Contact us at 835-6661 with any questions you may have.p1012507

Birdwatching in New Hampshire with Eric Masterson

This event is co-sponsored with the Alstead Conservation Commission

 Eric Masterson, author of Birdwatching in New Hampshire, will present a 45 minute audiovisual presentation on the birds of New Hampshire, with tips on where to find them and how you can help to conserve them.

cover (412x640)

Birdwatching in New Hampshire, which will be available for sale, contains maps to more than 120 of the best birding sites in New Hampshire. But finding good birds is more than just a function of location; it requires careful observation of the calendar and weather conditions. Wind, rain, and habitat all change, sometimes rapidly, to create ideal conditions for seeing the best birds that New Hampshire has to offer.