The Secret Life of Beryl – August 21st 2014 7pm


August 21st 2014 7pm

Let Mining Historian Jim Pecora’s Edutaining lecture entertain and inform you with a fresh Beryl Cover Picture - Acworth Beryl Mtnperspective on our historical past. Jim’s multimedia presentation will cover South Western New Hampshire mining initiatives of three minerals;  Mica, Feldspar, & Beryl – NH’s State Mineral.


In 1941 Harvard University published that Beryl Mountain in Acworth, NH was “Greatest concentration of Beryl in the World”. This little known fact has been obscured from history because of U.S. Government’s intentional deception of Beryl’s production. The restriction of data on Beryl began in 1938 and the overall importance of Beryllium upon our lives has, for most of us, remained a secret ever since. This presentation will take you on a fascinating journey into the “Secret Life of BERYL”, and the key role Beryllium played in America’s Technological History. Beryllium is crucial in 85% of the Technological Advances of the 20th Century, without which most everything we rely on today from, satellites to hand held computers would not have been possible!


Pecora’s contention is that the mineral Beryl is the single most important mineral of the 20th Century, – come and find out why!